Medical Terminology Standardization

Standardization of medical terminology is crucial in data transfer in the area of healthcare organizations and in boosting the profits of information technology in medicine and pharmacology. This approach can enhance knowledge about diseases and appropriate treatments, reinforce comprehension and implementation of the efficiency of our health care systems, create quality metrics and aid businesses in meeting the needs of their customers.

business challenges

The task was to process unstructured data in the form of medical notes for constructing data tables.

value delivered

We converted unstructured medical notes, making them structured, and integrate them into standardized clinical data tables. So, this had enabled our customers to use previously ambiguous data in studies, allowing to find previously hidden factors, which may have the critical impact.


Our team uses conventional method of unstandardized data processing. It includes:

  • 1. Manual mapping and ingest data.
  • 2. Usage of ETL tools.
  • 3. Building of complex algorithm to the extract data, searching previously uncoded conditions.
  • 4. Presentation (summary to a workflow system that using to evaluate the validity of the newly identified conditions codes).

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