OHDSI Medical Vocabularies Standardization Development

Standard Vocabularies are a foundational tool to provide coherent content across disparate observational databases. It promotes to support research community in conducting efficient and reproducible observational researches.

The Standard Vocabulary contains all of the code sets, terminologies, vocabularies, nomenclatures, lexicons, thesauri, ontologies, taxonomies, classifications, abstractions, and other such data. Consequently, all Standard Vocabularies are represented in the same configuration, no matter their origin and can be queried in a standardized manner.

business challenges

We had been given the objective to make the comprehensive model allows to represent the data from different sources and ontologies used in various fields of medical science and health care industry.

value delivered

Our team have defined the highly transparent and effective rules as well as the way of data organization with further source vocabularies ETL according to OHDSI vocabulary model. These efforts allowed to cover massive datasets received from around the world and to enhance comprehensiveness and quality of customer’s researches.


We implemented complex and step-by-step approach:

  • 1. Creating the standardized data from the unmanufactured data sets;
  • 2. Searching and querying the transformed data;
  • 3. Browsing and navigating the hierarchies of classes and abstractions inherent in the transformed data.
  • 3. Interpreting the meanings of the data.

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