Medical Vocabularies Standardization

There are various medical vocabularies used worldwide. For example, RxNorm, ATC, Canada DPD, ICD10CM,ICD9CM, SNOMED, MedDRA, and other ontologies, depending on institute location, time period of diagnosis, local standards, etc. So it’s impossible to use same approaches to make studies based on incoherent patient data without preprocessing. That's why it's agreed to used Standard Vocabularies, which contain coherent content across disparate observational databases.

business challenges

Our task was to make observational studies executable, regardless of the vocabulary which used as a source.

value delivered

Implementing the Research Environment cloud-based solution in the form of Medical Vocabularies Standardization allowed our clients to dramatically increase their data-processing potential. Any of their researchers can now conveniently use any of the software they need in conjunction with powerful external facilities that allow them to process much larger volumes of data with greater efficiency.


There are successive components of our method:

  • 1. Usage of clinical knowledge and medical protocols
  • 2. Compliance with the principles of build of every vocabulary (hierarchy, internal relationships)
  • 3. Application of NLP tools.

These steps allow us to create particular concepts mapping or automated scripts to map a great variety of concepts.

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